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The Fugitive Poets consists of five singer/songwriters. Each one brings a unique set of musical skills and talents, and a unique personality to the group. Separately, they are each interesting, entertaining, and talented. But together, they are The Fugitive Poets! They offer an eclectic fusion of folk, rock, blues, swing, old time and bluegrass that, like a fine whisky, blends its many component flavours and essences into a rich unity that pleases the discerning musical palette. While usually classified as Americana and Folk, The Fugitive Poets really defy strict classification, And you can imagine that with seven accomplished singer/songwriters, there is never a dull moment!

The Fugitive Poets regularly perform all around South-east Louisiana, and you can catch their shows throughout the month!

The Fugitive Poets have released three CDs of all original music. If you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing them perform, lend an ear to a few samples of their work

The Fugitive Poets have a loyal following and their performances are often more like a party or a family reunion than a plain old concert. It’s not uncommon for their fans to sing along with some of their original tunes, or even with the occasional cover song or traditional folk song.

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